Core Values

  • We provide recruitment services that are anchored on the philosophy of long term partnership based on trust, integrity, efficiency and professionalism.
  • We value the confidence granted to us by our clients and will strive to serve the best way we can.
  • We put prime importance on the welfare of the workers, the people who have given their trust and confidence,  by looking after their welfare and insuring that all contractual obligations are met.

Company Vision

We always strive to be known as provider of highly-competent and success-driven workers. In the realm of global labor environment, we will do our best to provide our clients with the best available Nepalese manpower whose professional skills, competencies and work ethics are at par with some of the best in the world.


Client satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will strive to provide competent, dedicated and reliable Nepalese manpower who are professionally-driven and can make a difference in the quest to achieve their company’s goal. In return, we shall endeavour to encourage our clients to provide a professionally rewarding environment that recognized merits, loyalty and dedication. We will do our best to look after the welfare of the workers we deploy anywhere in the world to make their employment a rewarding experience.

Why Recruit Nepalese Workers ?

  • Hard working and possess a strong will to succeed.
  • Professional works ethics recognized globally.
  • English speaking and imbued with good communication skills.
  • Competent and many with skills and experience acquired while working overseas.
  • Loyal to employers; caring and compassionate to fellow workers.
  • Possess a happy disposition and with a cool attitude.
  • Flexible and can easily adopt to a new work and cultural environment.
  • Overseas Employment is fully ingrained in national consciouness.

The Right Person for The Right Job

Profile has earned the trust and credibility of its clients and partners mainly because of its success in helping to put into action the management philosophy of human resource management: Hiring the Right Person for The Right Job for the Right Price at the Place and at the Right Place.